You can pre-order exclusive items from Japan and we’ll ship them directly to your door. Pre-orders include items from special exhibits, themed cafes, museums, and Japan only releases. You can learn more about how pre-orders work by reading our frequently asked questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

How exactly do Pre-Orders work?

  1. Review the Pre-Order items & collections on the website.
  2. Purchase items(s) you would like to Pre-Order. (You’ll be paying the full-cost of the item(s) + shipping up-front.)
  3. When you purchase the item(s), we receive your order and the item(s) are acquired from Japan and shipped to me in the U.S.
  4. Once I receive the item(s) from Japan, I ship it to you and the order is complete.

So once I buy the Pre-Order item from your site do I pay anything after?

No additional payment is required after you purchase your pre-order online. The price you pay already takes into account the cost of the item(s), shipping & handling from Japan and shipping to your address.

How long will it take fro me to get my pre-order item?

That depends on many factors… but generally 1-3 months after you place your order.

Why does it take so long to get my pre-order item?

There are many factors such as weather, customs, traveling to different parts of Japan to get the items, some items can only be acquired in limited quantites for a limited time, etc. etc. Your patience is appreciated.

What if I pre-order an item and you’re unable to acquire it from Japan?

Usually we are able to acquire all items that are pre-ordered, but if it’s not possible for whatever reason, you will receive a FULL REFUND.

What if I pre-order an. item and I change my mind and want a refund?

Once your pre-order an item online, we use those funds to pay for the item you requested. If the item has already been acquired, you can not request a refund. It would be a financial burden on our part. Send a DM or Email to check the status.

What if I want to pre-order or request an item not on your website?

SURE! Let me know of any special exhibits, cafes, museums, exclusive releases, or other items you’re interested in and I’ll see what’s possible. DM or email

Why should I pre-order? I’ll just buy the items off your website or at events.

  • My items can sell-out quickly, so a pre-order gives more of a guarantee on an item you really want.
  • Pre-orders help provide funds to get even more items.
  • Pre-orders help give us an idea of what’s in demand.