About Pika Dude

Have you ever wondered if the anime scene in Japan is as exciting as it seems to be? Well, I did. I wanted to explore the land of the rising sun and see if everything that I saw in various anime series that I watched was true. I moved to Japan and enjoyed every minute of it!

For an anime fan, Japan is a dream come true. Dedicated anime stores, anime movie releases, anime themed cafes, and access to exclusive anime merchandise. I visited the Pokemon Center at least once a month and never got tired of it.

After living in Japan for 3 years and moving back to America, I missed all the awesome goodies available there. America lacks supply of cool anime items, yet demand is high. There is no easy way to get access to all the awesome exclusive items in Japan… So I started Pika Dude with my friend overseas.

Pika Dude’s goal is to keep the love of Pokémon, anime, & video games alive by offering kawaii goodies from Japan to people all over the world.